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  1. Studio NBC is a multidisciplinary creator of images and emotions. Flyers, posters, logos, catalogs, website .. We accompany you to stand out through a unique and consistent visual identity. By respecting your values and your brand image. Let us know about your project in our "contact" section.


LE / 1957
From The Immense Journey

            A billion years have gone into the making of that eye; the water and the salt and the vapors of the sun have built it; things that squirmed in the tide silts have devised it. Light-year beyond light-year, deep beyond deep, the mind may rove by means of it, hanging above the bottomless and surveying impartially the state of matter in the white-dwarf suns.

We had the pleasure of developing the Book for a stage place and ; A unique vision of a contemporary  theatre.                         _11635444121 / Theatre