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Projects  ︎
  1. exhibition
  2. Ikon magazine
  3. Fua
  4. Viceland
  5. Kube
  6. Poster
  7. BCF Groupe

Projects  ︎
  1. Theater
  2. Frapper les 3 coups
  3. Arpège
  4. Paco Tyson
  5. Berlin

No black
crayon ︎

  1. Studio NBC is a multidisciplinary creator of images and emotions. Flyers, posters, logos, catalogs, website .. We accompany you to stand out through a unique and consistent visual identity. By respecting your values and your brand image. Let us know about your project in our "contact" section.


No Black Crayon — Édition, web, logo..

Studio NBC is a multidisciplinary creative studio focus on design graphic, typography and digital founded in 2017 in Nantes, france.  His inspiration takes root in observation, we practices an open dialogue with our clients to better understand the stakes, accompany and advise on needs and imagery. The consultancy is an integral part on the relationship with the project for a correct orientation and positioning of your projects under a rigorous methodology.